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Monday, March 01, 2010

My guy

Jack is constantly saying the cutest/funniest things. Like this:
He was looking at a book of opposites with Ellie, telling her about the tigers on the page. I repeated what he'd said: "One tiger was happy? One tiger was sad?" He said, "Yeah, because he's pink!"

I was watching The Amazing Race & the teams were in Dubai, India:
Jack: Is this a Christmas show?
Me: No, why?
Jack: It has wise men!

About pitchforks: They're cool because they can bust down towers & mountains & cars! (and that is why he HAD to be a devil for Halloween - it was ALL about the "pinchfork!"

(Photos by Angela Salazar)

3 talk to me:

Janelle said...

What cute pictures. Love that he is into pitchforks, didn't know that was part of having a boy.

Richelle said...

i'm so happy you updated your blog! jack is the cutest little boy, i just love him. he does say the funniest things. and maybe i am wrong, but i feel like ellie is starting to look so much like callie did at that age!

jamie said...

what a cue kid! kids say the funniest things, right?! you have some interesting comments on here, are they friends of yours? ;)