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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Window Clings

Chelsea sent these snowmen window gel clings home with me from KS (they're from the dollar spot at Target) and the kids have LOVED them! Unfortunately they are now at the dump. They got super gross really fast! But if you see them around get them - your kids will love them (and you will love the peace & quiet)!

Oh, & this one is just for your enjoyment. Christmas milk (egg nog) and powdered donuts for breakfast (please nominate me for mother of the year). How she got the milk on all the way around the rim of the cup & then on her face is a mystery - although not unexpected.

1 talk to me:

Chelsea said...

i actually looked for them again at Target right after I got those and they were all gone! I got them right before Halloween...so a long time ago.

They sell different ones now, but they're not $1, closer to $2-$3.

Glad they loved them!