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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

This Thanksgiving we hosted dinner for one set of my grandparents, an uncle & aunt + kids, 2 sisters + 1 friend, 2 more friends, & my parents. Although when I say hosted I mostly mean dinner was at our house. We did the turkeys (yes, turkeys) & most of the pie, our friends brought a delicious cauliflower salad (try it - you'll be a believer), and my mom/grandma did the sides + pumpkin pie.

Since Jeremiah has mastered bbq brisket he decided to try smoking a turkey for Thanksgiving. We made a 2nd turkey as backup in case the smoked one didn't work out, but he did a great job & the smoked turkey was delicious! How can I ever eat plain turkey again?!

{My Grandpa Green}


{Our friends, The Brooks}

{My Uncle Jeff & Aunt Anna trying to get boy Noah to eat}

{Kayleigh & her friend Patrick}

{Playing Go Fish - Callie won! My mom later realized that Callie didn't quite have all the rules down - no wonder she won. LOL}

One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is getting the paper & looking through the Black Friday ads. Yes I'd seen some of them online, but it's not the same. To fully experience it you must spread them all out in front of you & go through them one by one with your pen & paper & write huge lists of stuff you don't need. Then go back through the list & decide what you're really gonna get up for.

I got up for . . . What did I get up for? I think it was the thrill of it. I love it! I seriously considered just sleeping in, but in the end I couldn't let everyone else have all the fun. Tara & I got to KMart a couple mins before 5am & we were like the 20th people in line. I was thinking poor KMart, nobody likes your stuff this year, when it dawned on me that KMart wasn't opening until 6! There was only 1 thing I wanted from KMart so I went right over to WalMart & got them to admatch, even though it was a BOGO item & they don't normally do that. After some time in WalMart, my sisters Tara & Kayleigh, & Kayleigh's friend Patrick & I went to Bullhead to hit Target, Kohls, & then the Laughlin outlet mall. We came home & ate leftovers, napped, got the kids to bed & stayed up to play games. It was the perfect Black Friday! :)

Saturday was another great day. I love long weekends. More games were played & Kayleigh's friend Patrick made a seriously delicious ham for us for dinner. I loved it! Unfortunately my grandparents & uncle/aunt left early since they all got really sick. Aside from that, it was a really great Thanksgiving weekend. Let's do this again next year! :)

4 talk to me:

Jamiecrafts said...

I must have totally missed you... EVERYWHERE! we were at walmart at 5then headed down to Target and Kohls as well and then over to bath and body works, we probably passed each other several times!

La Familia Mata said...

Sounds fun! I convinced Britt to do the whole black Friday thing with me and we had fun too. You should post the cauliflower recipe. By the way I made the donut hole acorns you posted for my Thanksgiving and they were a hit!

Janelle said...

You make me laugh. I have only done the Black Friday thing once, I am just not a shopper. But it does sound fun when you do it with other people. IT sounds like you had a huge crowd and that the smoked turkey was a hit, it sure sounds yummy to me.

The Mikkelsen Family said...

I totally understand going through the ads verses looking online. I tried that this year and I just love to hold them and circle all that I want. It is a tradition for all of us sisters and my mom to go-now that we are all apart, we just call each other on the phone while we are out shopping