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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

How will we survive next week?!

Next week it's all over for Ellie. We're taking away the binky. It's been coming for a while & I've been putting it off because it's going to be torture for all of us. And I already feel so sad for Ellie because I know she's going to have a really hard time going without it. She's an addict if I ever saw one! And it's been so much worse since I got back from KS. At least before she was only getting it at naptime & bedtime. But I gave it to her a lot in KS & now she's more dependent than ever. This fit is exactly what she does every time & she just won't stop. I've finally rationed that it's ridiculous to torture everyone when in another week it's going to be the real deal. I hope she enjoys her last week.

And PS - I feel almost mean that I recorded this all. Just needed to say that to make myself feel a little better. Oh, and really this was hardly a fit of hers. She can do much better.
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Tera said...

My Megan was the same way, and I waited longer than the other kids to take it away from her. It got to the point where she flipped out whenever she couldn't find it, and I thought, "We have to be done with this thing." So, I took it away cold turkey. The first day was tough, and then after that it was A LOT easier that I thought it would have been. She asked about it a couple of times, but I think she realized it was REALLY, truly gone for good, and she adapted. Good luck!