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Monday, July 28, 2008

Story Time

I LOVE our Library! They have a really great story time program during the school year & during the summer they have a great summer reading program! When we were going to visit Jer's parents in OR last spring I checked into story times in their area & they were ridiculous! They were very strict on age groups: 0-18mos, 18mos-2 years, 2-5. So if you had two kids that fell into different age groups, you couldn't bring the sibling. And there was a waiting list! Our library has a really fun 0-5 story time with 3 different time slots during the week. Miss Linda & Miss Kelly plan themed days & read books that go along with the theme & do songs & fingerplays. Occassionally they do a craft too. The summer reading program was "Catch the Reading Bug." There was a craft every week along with a Little Debbie snack & Capri Sun at the end.

These pictures are from last Wednesday - the final day of the summer reading program. It was a great program day! No books this day, just lots of singing/dancing & finger plays.

This was so funny! One of the songs had them do "the swim." Check out Callie - she's even holding her breath & closing her eyes while doing it! :)

Jack started out with the group but ended up sitting alone at the table following along!

This is my friend Francis. She's in my ward & has a daughter between Callie's & Jack's ages. While she was holding Ellie her ticket was drawn for the adult date night drawing (movie tickets & movie treats!). She was so excited & kept calling Ellie her lucky star because she says she never wins anything! :)

The craft this week was decorating bug containers. Jack has other ideas for his.

So he did end up putting some foam bug stickers on his bug container. Here he is enjoying his snack & juice.

Callie worked very hard on her bug container!

So this was awesome! Callie won this inchworm riding toy in a drawing! How awesome is that?!!! All during the summer reading program they had some bikes & then this inchworm in the library that could be won by turning in your reading logs. Although we read to our kids plenty, we only ended up turning in 2 reading logs for each of the kids. Since Callie got a bike for her birthday I entered her into the inchworm drawing since Jack & Ellie (in a while) can enjoy it. Anyway, I can't believe she won! She was super excited about it! Here she is with Miss Linda & Miss Kelly & Jack & her new inchworm! Oh, & I also won one of the 3 date night prizes that day! And the kids all got coupons for free personal pizzas from pizza hut & Miss Kelly even gave me one "for Ellie!" It was a great day at the library!

3 talk to me:

trina said...

i just can't get over how gorgeous your kids are! that jack has the face of an angel!!

Janelle said...

Wow that really is an impressive reading program. Ours is somewhat lame and actually stops for the summer, don't ask me why. I can't believe that they even hand out treats and prizes, way cool.

Molly Riggs said...

wow! that is so cool she won! that inchworm is really cute!