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Monday, July 28, 2008

12 on the 12th

Saturday, July 12th

Jeremiah made us all breakfast sandwiches! I love that he enjoys cooking & is a good cook! I'm so fortunate!

I am so burned out on throwing baby showers right now! If you're really my friend, you won't get pregnant! This cake was for a baby shower I was throwing in the afternoon for a gal I visit teach. Kind of funny story - I usually ask the person the shower is for if they have any preferences as for a theme & colors but this time I didn't ask. The invitations were pink & brown & the stuff at the shower coordinated w/the invites. I gave the mom-to-be a little play dress that was blue & her mother (who I've known for a long time & can tell me this) told me Amy was so thrilled to get something for the baby that isn't pink because she detests pink!!!! *wince* I almost did purple & brown instead of the pink & brown & I totally should have! Oh well. She'd better get used to it - most little girls like pink. Fact of life. Oh yeah, & if you're really my friend I'll still throw you a baby shower - happily! So go ahead - get pregnant - you have my blessing.

Ellie was extremely cooperative while I worked on the cake. She took a very long nap in the swing & I was able to mostly finish getting ready for the baby shower.
Callie & Jack got to go to grandpa & grandma's house to jump on the trampoline & play in the bird bath! Yuck! Jeremiah let them pick out flavored milks when he took them to the store so they proudly toted those around as they played.

I was so glad that Jeremiah gave Ellie a bath - she was due for one! Look at her fat thighs! I LOVE them! Callie & Jack never had fat like Ellie does! I saw a scrapbook lo that somebody did once about her fat baby & her title was "Body by Breyers." I think about that when I see all of Ellie's chubby parts! Although for Ellie it was more like DQ.
Jackson is addicted to Dora. He'd watch her all day if I let him! Callie used to be the same way but she's not so bad anymore. Maybe it's because she's added Charlie & Lola, Little Bear, & Franklin to her list of favorites!

What can I say? Jeremiah's a stud! He cleaned up my cake mess & all of my other stuff while I was at the baby shower!

It had been a long week & day and we hadn't had a date night so we got ribs & chicken fingers from Kingman Steakhouse for dinner. I think most of the 12ths have been dinner out. I swear I really do cook!
Callie & Jack like to play mermaid & shark lately. This is a game they've made up. Sometimes Jack plays the mermaid. I enjoy watching them flop around on the ground trying to eat each other.

I normally take my car to the car wash, but Jeremiah went out with the kids & washed the cars. I don't know that they were that helpful, but it was nice to have a clean car!

After the kids went to bed it was time for a treat! Jeremiah went to Sonic & got us an Oreo blast to share. He did more sharing - I did more eating.

Jeremiah bringin' his A-game (& his game face), playing Call of Duty w/his brothers.

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Janelle said...

So where did you get this idea? Do you just share 12 random pictures of things that happened to you on the 12th of each month? Sounds fun. I might have to start with 5 on the 5th and move up. Sure looks like Jeremiah is a big help around the house, not that Brad isn't, but that sure is nice.

hillary said...

Here's where I started: