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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy Birthday Callie!

Callie I think had one of the best birthdays a 4 year old could have! (Tuesday) Starting with breakfast I asked her what she wanted. Her favorite food is "sammiches" so she wanted sandwiches for breakfast. And when she told me she even said, "sammiches, and it's my special day so I can have whatever I want for whatever I want." That's right. And I would have been happy to make her sandwiches for breakfast but I also offered pancakes or waffles & she chose waffles. :) Since I'd stayed up till the wee hours of the morning to be ready for her party (our first ever friends party!), birthday day was mostly relaxed & fun. Callie was loving all the attention she got all day starting with calls from Nana & Grandma Darcy & from some of her aunts & uncles & great grandparents throughout the day.

We had a water party with a kiddie pool, bubbles, & a huge inflatable water slide that one of Jeremiah's employees who has a jumphouse business on the side let us borrow! We had watermelon stars, pretzel & cheddar goldfish, aquarium jello, & ocean punch & water for snacks. I had planned some races & simple games but the kids had so much fun with the water & backyard toys that we never played any! Bytheway, it was so hot out (104) that by the time the party was over the rest of the jello was completely melted! Liquid!

There was a lot of this crack action throughout the day!

I don't know how many cupcakes Jack ended up eating, but it was definitely more than anyone else. The cupcakes that didn't get eaten went in the garbage because jack had eaten the little shell chocolates & some of the frosting off of all of them!

This is Callie's best friend Corinne (above & below). They LOVE each other so much! Corinne asked Callie before presents if she could help Callie open them & Callie told her no & Corinne said okay & was fine with it, but I guess Callie changed her mind! :) I hadn't planned on Callie opening presents at the party because first of all, we told people they didn't need to bring a present, but also because I know it's hard for most kids to watch siblings open presents when they're not getting one & all the kids were young so I didn't want it to be hard for them, but one of the moms that stayed said she thought I should let Callie open them so the kids could see her be excited about what they brought for her. I'm glad I did, because I was talking to my friend Tana (Corinne's mom) yesterday & she told me that Corinne has talked non-stop not only about the party but about how much Callie loved her present (and she does!)!

The friends party ended & it was a huge success! Thanks to my mom for all her help!!! I'm glad the party's over but I'm so glad Callie & Jack both had such a good time. Jack never went down the slide at the party but we get to keep the slide through the weekend so maybe we'll get him down with the water on in the next couple of days!

Ellie was perfect all day! She slept through the entire friends party & was happy & sweet all day long! I love, love, LOVE this girl!!!

For Callie's birthday dinner she wanted sandwiches! LOL She's so funny! She also thought pasta would be good. I suggested a couple of other things but her mind was made up so sandwiches it was (hoagies for the grown-ups)! We also had pasta salad, watermelon, and chips.

Thanks to Chelsea & Tara for the cake ideas. Callie loved, LOVED her cake! It was pretty fun to make for her!

Making a wish. She told us the first wish so we told her she had to make a second one. She told us that one too. We gave up. Here are her wishes:
1. "I wished that I wouldn't die."
2. "I wished that I won't get baptized."
She might have issues. Okay, I don't know about #1, but #2 - she's afraid of being dunked in the water. Perhaps it's time for swim lessons.

Her new bike! She loves it & has already spent lots of time on it, despite the heat.

Finally, our littlest princess. What a great day we had!

4 talk to me:

Chelsea said...

I LOVE your cantalope island with the carrot pepper tree.

Nice work, sis!

shannon said...

happy birthday callie! (that was from Collin). what a fun party, that slide looks awesome. and rockin' job on the cake! (of course)

Janelle said...

You are so good at throwing parties. Would you be willing to come to Logan to help me with Camille's 4th party. Come on it will be in March (we have lovely weather here in Logan in March, honest). How fun that you got to have that huge slide, it looks fun. What a fun birthday and I love that she wished to not get baptized, where do they come up with those things. She is so cute.

Dansie Family said...

cute party! it sounds like a blast. the cake was adorable.