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Monday, April 09, 2007

Hey! Where's my big chocolate?!

Well our weekend sucked! On Friday we went to Burger King for lunch since they have a play place. I hadn't eaten at BK for years really because I didn't remember liking it that much, but since it's one of the only 2 places in town with a play area (the other being Del Taco - not a huge fan), I thought I'd give it a try. Aside from their prices being a bit more than McDonald's, I enjoyed my Whopper & decided that I could occassionally bring the kids to BK for lunch. That is till I puked it all up Friday night! I don't know that it was food poisoning because Tara got sick the next afternoon & puked too, but considering that I was better 8 hours later, that seems a little too fast for a bug. Who knows. Either way, I doubt I'll be eating a Whopper again anytime this year!

And then there was Jack. I think a lot of my entries mention what an all-star teether he is. So this weekend was his best yet. Jeremiah got him up from a nap on Saturday & had to change his shirt since it was soaked all down the front with drool! Jack's gums are so swollen & he's constantly got slobber strings hanging from his mouth. He didn't sleep hardly at all on Saturday night! Jeremiah stayed up with him and saw every hour of the clock. He was extremely grumpy all weekend & then I got to stay up with him last night & I was awake a lot more than I was asleep! How miserable! About the only things that make Jack happy are Dora, candy, & playing outside, but none of those are guaranteed. He's on Tylenol & Motrin around the clock, & we're doing Orajel. My mom's at WalMart right now getting some Teething Tablets. I had a bottle of them but several weeks ago Callie got to them & divvied up the bottle with Jack. I couldn't find a single tablet - they'd eaten every single one - even the crumbly ones at the very bottom. Poison control said it was fine though since the tablets are homeopathic! They seem to help, so I'm hoping that they'll make a difference tonight!

Easter was good for Callie at least. The Easter Bunny brought her a Hello Kitty plate, bowl, & cup along w/a princess spoon & fork. She's eaten with them every meal so far! I think they got a fair amount of candy, but I don't think the bunny went overboard. They still may end up being diabetics though! Callie grabbed her basket this morning & sat on the couch with it & helped herself to a pre-breakfast treat since I was slow to get out of bed. When I told her she'd had enough & that I wanted the basket she said that she wanted to keep it safe & that she would "keep it for safe-keeping." She's such a silly girl! Oh, the EB gave Jack a decent sized hollow chocolate chick, but didn't give Callie the other one from the package since she already had a few more things in her basket. I really didn't think she'd notice, but Jack had his chocolate chick on his tray Sunday afternoon & she saw it & said, "Hey! Where's my big chocolate?!" She started looking through a bunch of the candy for one & repeated, "Where's my big chocolate?!" several times so I distracted her & slipped the other one in there! She ate more than half of it right then! My mom's not big on Easter baskets because she thinks they really diminish the meaning of Easter. Yesterday she said if they would at least call them Spring baskets instead of Easter baskets, but why do they have to use the word Easter? I told her it's not like they're called Resurrection baskets! I think as long as you teach your kids the meaning of Easter why can't you have the fun tradition of the Easter basket too? It's like 2 separate holidays on the same day! My aunt has the Easter Bunny go to their house on Saturday instead of Sunday. I don't think that's a bad idea.

Well Jack's crying & smells like poop so until next time!

4 talk to me:

shannon said...

okay, so i am sitting here at my desk at work, reading your blog, and totally laughing out loud! that was hilarious...i love your comment to your mom about resurrection baskets...that was priceless. poor jack with his teeth...have you seen those mesh baggie things you can stick food into? i used that for collin and shoved in frozen bananas, popsicles, and stuff like that and it totally helped. i can bring mine with me when we come next month?

hillary said...

I have one of those & I never thought about doing that. I'll try it! I just watched Collin naked singing Bone Thugs - nice, very nice! :) He's hilarious!

Chelsea and Ryan said...

I agree with having the easter baskets the day before. Lorie doesn't even tell her kids about the Easter Bunny though. They just have Easter Baskets that Mom and Dad get them.

I told Ryan and I said, how would you feel if we had the Easter Bunny come the day after Easter...that way, all the candy will be on sale!

Chelsea and Ryan said...

hey, your kid sneezes macaroni noodles...what's more weird?