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Friday, April 06, 2007

Binky Breaking

After months of listening to Jeremiah say that we really should break our kids of the binky I decided on Sunday when he said it again that maybe I was ready. It definitely helped that I'd just read an email from my friend Janelle talking about how they'd gone cold turkey with their daughter & her paci. So feeling a little better about it I agreed. We took my least favorite binkies out to the trash & had the kids put them in. Callie didn't want to but she went ahead with it anyway. We told her that she was too big & that the Dr. didn't want her to have one anymore. Jack didn't understand & did not want to let go of his binky. We had to "help" him!

That night after having to hold Callie's hand till she fell asleep & then listening to Jack cry it out I was feeling like the worst mom ever - we didn't think about the fact that since our kids were sick they enjoyed the comfort of their binkies more than at other times. But we can't go back now. It would be hard any time we tried (Except we shouldn't have done it when they were so sick! My poor babies!)! So hopefully soon Callie will be able to go to bed on her own. I think it's harder since she & Jack are sharing a room. He's confined to his crib so he works it out & only cries for a couple of minutes before settling down & then going to sleep, but Callie's in a bed & she won't stay in it. And every time we have to go in to put her back in bed or talk to her, it disturbs Jack & he starts the crying all over. Auhg!

3 talk to me:

shannon said...

you are so brave...collin went to the dentist last week and he told me that i really need to get collin off the binkies...i don't know if i can be so strong...or listen to the crying. tell me how it goes though, we are going to try it this summer...maybe...hopefully.

Janelle said...

How is it going now? I had hoped that taking the paci away would make Camille sleep better, but it hasn't. I often wish I hadn't taken it away. I am hoping that eventually they will forget about paci's just like they forget about breastfeeding. I love binky's but I also hate them. Good luck!

The Mikkelsen Family said...

I remember those days. Hopefully it is much better now. It took Emily a couple of days but then she was fine. We had her throw them away also so I kept reminding her that she has thrown them away and we couldn't get them out. She told me once or twice that she wanted to go to the store and buy a new one but I just held strong. Not sure what I am going to do with Adam. He sure does like it!