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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

i {heart} my vacuum

I bought a Dyson at Home Depot just about 3 months ago b/c they had a returned one that was marked down $100! I had been wanting to buy one for a while & had almost talked myself into spending the money when I saw the returned one so how could I say no? It did look like it'd been dragged across the parking lot, but since I'd still get the 5 year warranty on it I figured why not? We liked it but it wasn't like, "Omigosh, this is the most amazing vacuum ever!" BUT if I leaned the handle down too low or hit the baseboard or anything more than ever so gently it would make a real loud screechy sound until I put the handle almost upright again & then resumed vacuuming. I had no idea if this was normal and it took me nearly 3 months to take it back to HD. So this morning I went in with my vacuum & asked if they'd be willing to turn on a new one so I could see if it made the same noise. I didn't want to return it if there wasn't really a problem. The lady back in flooring said she had a Dyson too, although not the same model, but plugged mine in & we took it for a spin. Of course it didn't make "the noise" but it made a more mild variation of it & even that was bad enough that the flooring lady said my vacuum had issues & they ended up doing a straight across exchange! That's right! So I got a brand new Dyson for the returned Dyson price! Woohoo! I opened it tonight and guess what? It almost has a new car smell! And it vacuums even better than the other one. Oh, the power! I love my Dyson! Thank you Home Depot for making this blessed union possible!

4 talk to me:

James and Audra said...

I have a Dyson too, and i absolutely love it. Never use a different vacuum as long as I live.

Janelle said...

I want a Dyson :(

Rupp Family said...

I'm SOOOO glad!!! I wish I could take my dyson back and get a swap. They are the best vacuum ever. Mike and I were talking the other day about how that was one of the greatest investments we have made thus far in our marriage! Good choice.

Rupp Family said...

I am SOOO glad! The other day Mike and I were talking about how our vacuum was the greatest investment we have made in our marriage thus far. Good choice!