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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Best in Show

Callie had her first ever gymnastics meet on May 1. She's not in competitive gymnastics, but the gym holds a "Cartoon Classic" once a year so that even the non-team gymnasts can do a meet & get the whole experience. They'd told the girls that they could win trophies & ribbons & medals & Callie was SOLD! She BEGGED me to sign her up and then she started to get cold feet as the event drew near. She was able to do it though & she LOVED it! Here are her results (mind you this is out of 6 girls in her skill level):

Vault: 1st
Bars: 3rd
Beam: 2nd
Floor: 5th
Overall: 2nd

She also got a special judges award for having the most grace (and that was out of all levels of all the kids there)! We were just a little proud! :) Yay Callie!

Here's a video of Callie doing her vault "routine."

3 talk to me:

Julie and Stephen Barnes said...

Your kids are SO cute!! And congrats on the 5K, that is awesome. Running never seems to get easier for me... but maybe it will be a peice of cake for you :)

trina said...

oh my gosh, that could not be any cuter!! what a doll!

Janelle said...

I wasn't sure what to expect when she was running up to the vault. HOw cute! I want to get Camille into some dance or gymnastics, but I am also scared it will bring the snootie side out of her (and I don't think I will need help in that area). Does Callie enjoy it?