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Monday, November 09, 2009

October in Pictures

I just can't keep up anymore! Maybe I need to drink a Monster every morning so I can be pumped up & productive all day! LOL Until next month... (I wish I knew that was a joke.)

And not pictured, I was called (at church) to be the Activity Day leader & was SOOO excited to do that (1 hour activities twice a month with 8-11 year old girls)! I was able to do 2 activities before they called me to be the 2nd counselor in the primary presidency. Thus, no slowing down in the calling area.

The end.

5 talk to me:

Chelsea said...

i miss ellie. All the kids, really, but you and ellie! And I love all the pictures. Best way to blog.

Chelsea said...

and the werewolf looks AWESOME

Miss-tearious said...

Does Callie really hold her pinky out like that when she eats toast? Lol!

Your kids sleep so funny! It cracks me up.

And the werewolf cupcakes are awesome!!

Have you seen Bright Ideas? They have some super cute ideas...

Dansie Family said...

your life sounds crazy but you have lucky kids. what a creative gal you are.

Richelle said...

wow. hillary, you are so creative! i love seeing all the fun things you do with the kids. your parties are so amazing! and homemade costumes? really? love it.