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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I got to visit Chelsea!

My sister
Chelsea moved to Lawrence, KS a little over a year ago so her husband Ryan could get his Ph.D. and I finally got to go visit! It's the farthest east I've ever been so I was excited to check out something new! Bonus - I only had Ellie with me (she was free to fly)! Callie & Jack were SO SAD! The day I got everything all worked out so I could go I said, "Guess what guys? I'm going to go visit Aunt Chelsea in Kansas!" They both cried right then & said "No mom! We don't want you to go!" LOL Fortunately I have the BEST friends/family who took care of Callie & Jack while I was gone and they had lots of fun too!

So I had a really great time with Chelsea & Ryan! We ate some delicious food, did some outlet shopping, went to the BEST fabric store I've been in (that might not say too much - I haven't been in tons - oh, & JoAnns doesn't count), shopped for vintage items, made cupcake pincushions! (I was so excited to do that!), visited Jeremiah's uncle & aunt who lived about 1/2 hour away, played lots of Mario Kart (lol), and drove around Lawrence so I could see FALL! I took my camera but it's too big/delicate to toss into my purse so unfortunately I took almost no pictures!

Chels/Ryan have a dog, Thunder, and Ellie mostly really loved playing with him. She fed him lots of Skittles & Nerds; she'd hold one out & Thunder would come eat it from her fingers & she'd giggle or squeal & tell us about it & then feed him another one. If he ran upstairs she'd go to the foot of the stairs & call out, "Oh doggy! Oh doggy!" Super cute!

Chels & I stayed up late so one morning Ellie was playing in our room & I had fallen back asleep & I woke up to this: (she'd found my emergency stash [for her, not me] in my purse & she kept going back & forth between the suckers & her binky)

Thanks Chelsea & Ryan for the really great visit!

On an unrelated note, the kids & I made these Acorn Doughnuts
for our family night treat last week and I just wanted to share. The idea was from Family Fun. They were simple & the kids had a great time making (and eating) them!

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3 talk to me:

Miss-tearious said...

Your kids are so addicted to candy! It's quite amusing.. But mine probably will be too. Look at me! Lol

Ok, the acorn idea is so fun!

Bumpkin Bears said...

I just came across your blog surfing around. What a cutie pie your daughter is and how special to spend time with your Sis :) Love the acorns! Catherine x

La Familia Mata said...

I am so making the acorns. Super cute! Fun that you got to visit your sister.