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Monday, May 21, 2007

Movie Beat with Ralph Garman

I used to always tell Jeremiah that I'd heard such & such about a movie & that would usually be the basis on whether or not we'd pay $9.50 to go see it or not. A couple of movies that I'd heard were good turned out to be not so good, and then some that I'd heard weren't so good ended up being pretty good when we later rented them. Finally Jeremiah asked me who were these people that were telling me how a movie was? I was hearing my movie reviews on the Movie Beat with Ralph Garman - one of the local radio show guys. Jeremiah gave me such a hard time for deciding whether or not we should see a movie based on what Ralph said that we've joked about it for a couple years now. Anyway, if you're wondering whether or not you should see some of the new movies, here's my movie beat! :)

Spiderman 3:
If you loved the first 2 then you won't be disappointed by #3! Not that I loved the first 2, but I enjoyed this one probably the most. There were a couple times during the movie that stuff was happening & I was thinking this is SO unrealistic. I guess I'd forgotten that Spiderman isn't a real person and that none of it would actually happen. Bottom line, if you like Spiderman go see it. It's good.

Shrek 3:
I only paid $2.50 to see this movie so I'm not sure that it would have been worth $9.50, but I was thoroughly entertained for an hour & a half watching this movie. It had several good laughs and I love how creative the writers are!

Lucky You:
If you like watching the National Poker Tournaments on tv you'll probably still hate this movie! It's definitely in the top 5 worst movies I've seen! If I hadn't been watching it at the same time the rest of our group was watching another movie, I would have walked out & got a refund after the first 15 minutes (and I NEVER stop watching a movie!). I don't know what I'm more sad about - the $9 I spent on the movie (well $18 since there were 2 of us!) or the 2 hours of my life that I WASTED!

Music & Lyrics:
Okay, so it's not in the theater but it is new to DVD. Very cute movie! If you like romantic comedies, definitely see this movie! Drew Barrymore looks the cutest I've ever seen her in this movie and I love Hugh Grant anyway. It's funny, it's romantic, it's great! Not so great that I'll buy it, but then again, I don't really buy movies anymore anyway. But if I did I'd buy it! :) I think I might actually buy The Holiday. That was a super great romantic comedy!

2 talk to me:

Chelsea and Ryan said...

I'm glad you told me about Lucky You. Tara said it was gay, too. That's two no's already. Means I'm out. LOVED Music and Lyrics and The Holiday. How about we buy one and you buy the other and we can make each other copies...for backup purposes, ya know?

shannon said...

OMG, i totally loved The Holiday too! so my favorite movie of last year...