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Monday, May 21, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I love being up in Washington where Jeremiah grew up. I've always told Jeremiah that I would NEVER live in Colville, but he still insists on continually trying to talk me into buying property there anyway. This time we were there though he suggested that we could buy some land & eventually build a cabin & spend summers there. Okay, I'm in! I wouldn't want to live there full-time because it's just too small! I miss the conveniences of a bigger city just living in Kingman, which is a LOT bigger than Colville! But Colville does have WalMart (who I hate but love their low prices!), so I could definitely spend a summer in the mountains around Colville! This is Jeremiah's parents' house:

So Jeremiah's main purpose for wanting to go to WA was to go turkey hunting with his dad. Mission: accomplished.

He wanted the kids & me to stay home, but I wanted to see my newest niece! Plus we've been married long enough that it's my family too! We don't get to see his family all the time like mine, so if he was going, so were we! Here's little Sophie - isn't she cute?! Although after the 3rd or 4th day of being there & being reminded of how much WORK a newborn is, Jeremiah & I were both questioning whether or not it's really time to add another branch to the tree! Seriously! That girl cries a LOT! I don't remember my babies crying as much! It was cute to see Jer's sister as a new mom though. She & her husband would take turns riding in the back of the car with Sophie. Aww! Actually I teased her about that & told her that was definitely a new parent thing to do (except that I don't remember us doing it). I went to an appt. with Tabby & she asked if I'd sit in the back with Sophie. I told her I'd drive & she could sit in the back! Anyway, Tabby is a cute mom.

We didn't leave the house very much, but who needs to with such an amazing back/front yard?! Callie & Jack had SO much fun! Jeremiah has TONS of cousins around there so it was really cool that Callie & Jack could play with the youngest ones for hours & hours! One thing I really admire about Jeremiah's family & extended family is how loving & helpful & kind they all are! I want my children to be just as great! Even the teenage cousins are awesome like that! Anyway, the kids loved being outside & they loved visiting Papa & Nana's house! On the way to the airport Callie kept whining that she didn't want to go to Arizona - she wanted to stay in Washington because she loved it. I kept telling her that we had to go back to our house & she'd say, "But I love Washington!"

It was a good visit, but all good things must come to an end & really I love being back in my own home. Too bad I can't transport it to a beautiful green valley surrounded by forest instead of being stuck in this barren wasteland!

2 talk to me:

Chelsea and Ryan said...

I'm sooo happy you updated! Seriously, it had almost been a month. Jerry and Jill's house is sooo pretty. I'd even consider moving there (ha! we'll probably end up in Kentucky - just as green and pretty, just a lot hotter and more humid) if they had school Ryan could go to!

shannon said...

so cute! and me too, i am glad you updated. love the land, and that really does look beautiful up there. maybe we'll buy some land with you!