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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Oh Callie!

Callie was tearfully telling me last night about how everybody laughed at her yesterday.  She wasn't tearful just because of the reason she was laughed at - she was in trouble with Jeremiah & was mostly upset about that.  But anyway, she told me that her class was playing science jeopardy & she was up for her team.  Her teacher, Mrs. Perrine, showed a picture of a cloud on the projector & asked what kind of cloud it was.  Callie quickly buzzed in & said it was a puffy cloud.  I had a hard time not laughing when she told me this!  I asked her incredulously if she really said puffy cloud instead of cumulus.  She said yes she had & that everyone laughed.  I asked if her teacher had laughed & she said that she had & that she'd said, Callie! Are you kidding me?!" See the thing is Callie is pretty smart & has great grades most of the time, so it was a little surprising to me (& obvs Mrs. Perrine) that Callie would give that kind of answer! She lost the point & her team gave her a hard time, so that on top of being laughed at was a little too much for her.  I asked her if she honestly wouldn't laugh if she'd heard someone give the same answer.  She said she would & then we both laughed about it.

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