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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Picnic Baby Shower

My good friends Miyeko & Kayla are both due with babies soon.  Miyeko in a matter of days & Kayla in a little more than a month.  My friends Katie, Abby, Lacey, Tawny & I threw them a picnic baby shower.  We shamelessly copied many details from a super cute picnic shower we found via pinterest from Bump Smitten.  And Katie found a cute invite online that I used as inpiration to make Miyeko's & Kayla's.
The shower was a major group effort.  Katie made all the accordian-fold paper medallions & cut the pennants for the banner (that will go in Katie's new baby's room!).  She also made the cute crepe paper chandelier.

The food:
We had cute boxes for everyone to pack their own box lunch in & take it to the lawn where we'd set up quilts (and shade!).  We offered chicken salad on croissants, pasta salad, watermelon on a stick, Kettle Cooked potato chips, and cubed cheese on little toothpicks.  We also had strawberry lemonade in mason jars & water to drink.

We had one activity/game.  We asked attendees to bring a baby picture of themselves.  We hung it on twine and attached the pictures with little clothespins.  Everyone spent a bit of time trying to match the baby pictures to their owners.

 Three of the girls tied for second place (unbelieveably I got a perfect score, but I couldn't be the winner!)  After our game Kayla & Miyeko opened lots of presents.

For dessert we had raspberry pie squares & homemade ice cream in waffle bowls.   
We sent our guests home with Fresh Market Apple PocketBacs from Bath & Body Works, along with a PocketBac holder. 
It was a fun shower to plan & the party itself was great!  Everyone lingered for a long time enjoying the beautiful afternoon & laughing together.  I think it was a perfect party.  Congratulations Kayla & Miyeko!  Love you girls!

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