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Monday, November 22, 2010

Random Happenings

Here's what we've been up to the past couple of weeks:
  • I made this super cute banner with my friend Katie. Thanks girl for letting me do this with you - I love it!

  • Last weekend was Jack's last soccer game of the season. He so badly hoped he would get a trophy & Coach had mentioned something about scoring a goal & getting a trophy so of course Jack thought he had to do the one to get the other. The night before the game he was saying the blessing on the food so he blessed himself to score a goal. He also asked us as he & Jeremiah left early for the game on Saturday morning to please say a special prayer for him to score a goal. Well he didn't score a goal and although he wasn't acting all bummed out I don't think he was expecting a trophy when we went to his end of the season party at Pizza Hut with his team afterwards. It was so cute - he's number 10 & Coach started at the beginning & went in numerical order calling up each player & handing them a trophy. When he said "Number 10 - Jack!" my boy had the biggest grin ever on his face. He was honestly surprised to be getting a trophy & so elated. I wish I had the moment on camera. I almost cried seeing him so completely happy! Of course I tear up about EVERYTHING. Stinkin' hormones! :)

  • The kids & I were listening to a Raffi Christmas cd (I know - it's not even Thanksgiving! I've broken my personal rule this year!), and there's an upbeat, Bible-belt, gospel song on there about baby Jesus & the kids just LOVE it! Throughout the cd they'd ask me to pause the music so they could comment on something so we listened to the baby Jesus song once through & then the second time through (they always ask to listen to songs again that they like) Jack asked me to pause it. He said, "Mom, if our baby is a boy baby I know what we should name him. Jesus. Because Jesus is a good name." They named the baby Jesus, oh my Lord, way down in Bethlehem!

    Good thing I don't let my kids name my babies!

    And by the way that was big of Jack because until then he'd thought we should name the baby Jack if it's a boy. Ellie's going strong with Jack in the box for a boy & Ellie for a girl.

  • On Friday, after MONTHS (seriously) of waiting for our mantle to be painted (sprayed), Jeremiah brought it home & he and our friend Tim set it. And the guy who did the stone work on the bottom was able to come on Saturday to cut & set the stone on the top part of the face of the fireplace. In fact he should be here any time this morning to do the bottom part & grout it all! I can't tell you how excited I am to see this FINALLY getting done! We demoed the old one in JANUARY! I'll take a picture of the finished firplace as soon as it's finished - hopefully today or tomorrow! :)

  • Jeremiah's parents are MOVING TO KINGMAN! Well, maybe Kingman, maybe Lake Havasu. We have been wishing for years that they lived closer & it's happening! They'll be here tonight & will stay with us for a few days until they can get settled into the house they're temporarily renting. Jeremiah's dad will be working in Havasu so I guess he'll have to decide if he can handle the commute from Kingman every day (an hour each way). If he can handle it I think they'd be happy living by family since they've lived away from all their family for the past 6 years. Before then they'd never NOT lived by family. Anyway, we're SO excited!

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Dansie Family said...

i love the banner. i need to make one.