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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Crappy morning.

Ellie is on a rampage! She is 22 months & is constantly saying she needs to go potty. Then she just sits on the toilet & plays around & rarely has any action. Then she throws a huge fit when I've had enough & tell her it's time to put her diaper back on. My mom & Jeremiah's mom are both convinced she's ready to be potty trained. I jumped the gun with Callie so I'm leery to begin potty training Ellie until I see more signs of readiness. When Ellie can tell me she has to go potty & actually go potty half the time, I'll begin. I thought about just putting her in some panties & letting her pee a few times to see if that would encourage her to use the toilet, but she doesn't seem to mind feeling the poop on her butt - at least not enough to tell me before. So anyway, that's what's holding me back. Although I agree, there are several signs of readiness. Anyway, let me get to today's story. First thing this morning she's in the living room and ends up bottomless. Jeremiah's mom's been here so she notices Ellie. She found the diaper & pants in one location, and some little pieces of poop right in the middle of the living room floor! Later Ellie is playing in my bathroom on the counter while I was doing Callie's hair. She was sitting in the sink & of course turned the water on herself so her pants were all wet. I took them off & spent about 2 more minutes with Callie. By then Ellie already had her diaper off too. I saw her & started walking towards her & she took off running into the living room & took a suspicious stance (okay, a partial squat!) by the couch. I said, "Ellie! What are you doing?! Don't do that!" Too late. She'd already peed on the carpet! I got that cleaned up & put new pants on her. A little later I was standing talking to Jeremiah's mom and I looked over at Ellie who had a funny look on her face - usually it's the look she gets when she's pooping. I said, "Ellie, are you pooping?!" She said yeah but guess what? She wasn't pooping. She already had! And the look was because she was examining the poop that was all over her hands! And it was smeared a little on the bathroom counter too! Aghhh! She has to stop doing this to me! It was only 10:00 at this point! Thank goodness she's asleep right now! She's either going to have to start wearing onesies or maybe I really will have to try potty training her! Aghhh!

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