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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Labor Day Camping

For Labor Day we went camping with our good friends Brit & Summer & most of Brit's family. We had a great time & Brit's family was awesome, making us feel totally welcome & like we were one of them. My parents were gracious enough to let us take their home on wheels, and can I just say how awesome it was to not have to sleep in a tent for 4 nights! Not that I wouldn't have, just saying!

Despite the overall wonderful weekend, the trip got off to a rough start. We left a couple hours later than planned, I got a flat tire & we had to wait almost half an hour for the boys to catch up to us & fix it, and then the dually that Jeremiah was pulling the travel trailer with overheated on the dirt road on about the 2nd of 10 miles to the campsite! Brit drove Summer, me, the kids & the trailer w/the 4-wheelers & dirt bikes to the campsite, which we rolled into a little after 12:30am! Around 1:00am he took off on one of the quads down the mountain to get Jeremiah, and Summer & I finished getting the kids into temporary beds. Around 2:30 Brit got back into camp, and about 40 minutes later the trailer was in camp & parked. We had to move a few things around to get the slide-out out & get the beds made, so we finally got into bed around 4am!

The rest of the weekend was much more fun than the first night! Here are some highlights:

camping cuties.


beautiful area.

time together.


new friends.

swing naps.
beauty shop.
horseshoe tournament.
(and not pictured) card games & good eats!

Thanks Brit & Summer and all of the Haws family for such a fun weekend! Let's do it again!

7 talk to me:

trina said...

agh, that would have made me turn around and go home. :) but glad you saw it through and had a good time.

Janelle said...

Man what a rough start, I would have been flipping out, I don't take stresses like that well. Glad that it all ended up being fun.

Brit and Summer said...

Yes, it was a rough start but it was so much more fun after we finally got there. We are so glad you guys came along! We should definately do it again!

Richelle said...

that looks like so much fun! camping is the best. also loved the first day of school pictures, how cute!

The Bloom Girls said...

Hi, I know I am posting "off subject here but wanted to ensure you saw this. I loved your Fancy Nancy party! I was also featured on Creative Parties and Showers and went there looking for some added inspiration for I also am looking at the fancy nancy party line this year! May I ask where you got your invitations? I was going to make mine with my cricut but I am now running out of time :) Eek! Thanks!


Miss-tearious said...

OMG! So the picture of Jack sitting by himself in the camo jacket is cute. And in the pic where Ellie and Jack are on the power wheels together is super adorable. If Els was a little older she and Jack could look like twins!

Anonymous said...

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