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Friday, January 25, 2008


I'm totally nesting! I just can't stand the clutter & chaos around my house any more! Nobody believes me when I say I'm messy, so here's proof! Okay, this picture is in the middle of having pulled everything out of closets, cabinets, & drawers, but still, sometimes a room or rooms in my house will look almost like this!

We just have too much stuff! So I've been taking each room by storm, trying my darndest to part with my crap! I need someone to help me - seriously! I think, I can't get rid of these pipe cleaners! What if when my kids are 6 we do a project that uses pipe cleaners? Holy cow! Pipe cleaners are like 60 cents! I need to just get rid of them & buy them again when I need them (and throw the rest of the package out when we're done with the project). My clutter is made up of similar examples, ranging from crayons & pipe cleaners to more expensive things. If I haven't used something in 3+ years why do I have a hard time getting rid of it, no matter what it cost? Obviously it's not something I need in my life any more! And we're not destitute like when we were first married, so if I really need something again in the future I could always re-buy it, right? Easier said than done! So even with my renewed get-rid-of-it-attitude, there's still a lot things that we need that I just don't know where to put. Like where are we putting this new baby once she's a few months old & has outgrown her welcome in our bedroom? I think because Jeremiah's so good at tetris he's okay with just cramming a crib in our "office" (pictured above) & calling it a day, feeling like he's solved my "where to put it" issues, but that doesn't make a calm, relaxing home environment. And that's why I'm SO glad that his youngest brother Jonny just moved in! He's staying with us until he starts school in April so I insisted we clean out the office & let him have a bedroom while he's living with us. I'll be a little sad to take down my sweet workcenter, but I need to get over it like I need to get over a package of pipe cleaners. I don't use it that often & I don't see myself doing a lot of scrapbooking or any type of crafting in the next few months with a new baby, so it's for the best. After Jonny moves out & the baby is 2 or 3 months old we can have the baby in the office, which of course will no longer be an office. We may move the computer back in, but at least it will be housed in an armoire instead of the open desk it's currently on (which I just can't keep clean! It was never a good idea for a messy girl like me to have an open desk)! Enough of my rantings! Soon it will all have been just a bad dream.

3 talk to me:

Jessica said...

Isn't nesting great? I've been coasting on my pre-baby organization for 4 months now. Good luck deconstructing your office.

shannon said...

now you are hilarious. i love that you are having issues with pipe cleaners. you know that you can hire a professional organizer? my friend just started her own business being one, but there is an organization that tells you where they are all over the country. it might be worth the splurge once to get yourself organized. i hired her a couple weeks ago to help with my living room and she's amazing!

Dansie Family said...

i ama total slob. i love when i get in a cleaning mood. it doesn't happen often. but we recently converted my craft room in to a guest room. i inherited an armoir and put my craft stuff in there. i love having a place for guests.