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Thursday, December 06, 2007


The kids & I drove to CA & picked up Jeremiah from his hunting trip at the Ontario airport so we could go to Disneyland for a day. The kids had a great time - especially Callie! As we were driving into the parking lot she could see the California Screamin' roller coaster (at DCA) up ahead & said she wanted to go on it. We told her it would be really scary (not that we were even going to that park) but she told us that she's a big girl & she's brave. So we asked her if she was brave enough to go on the pirate ride (since she's been talking about how scary it was ever since our last trip to Disneyland a year before) & she said, "I'm brave but not THAT brave to go on the pirate ride!" Anyway, we had a really fun day with the kids & my parents. First of all, it's a good thing being pregnant at Disneyland because I ate lots of treats & didn't have to worry about holding in my belly! :) And since there's a lot we couldn't do with the kids anyway, I didn't miss out on too much. Jeremiah & my mom took Callie on The Matterhorn while my dad took Jack on the Autopia. Callie came back from the Matterhorn & told me that she'd loved it even though it was scary but not too scary! We saw Alice & the Mad Hatter without much of a line so we waited for a picture. Callie was a little nervous about it so I told her she should ask Alice if she wanted to ride the teacups with her! That made Callie excited to talk to her. When she asked, Alice of course told her she couldn't but told Callie that her favorite teacup was the light blue one & that Callie should try to ride in that one so of course when we went to the teacups next Callie was determined to find the light blue one & made sure we all knew that Alice had told her to ride in it because it was Alice's favorite! :)

This is Jack riding his horse side-saddle! My mom kept trying to put him on the saddle the right way but Jack thought it was great hanging off the side!

Outside The Princess Shoppe. Callie for some reason LOVES Princess Aurora, even though she rarely chooses to watch Sleeping Beauty.

Callie is a girly-girl for sure! She found these cute "glass slippers" in The Princess Shoppe & had to try them on!

One more funny thing was that after the fireworks when it started "snowing" Callie stuck out her tongue to catch the snowflakes & ended up getting a big one! It's actually soap though so she made the funniest faces as she tried to get the soap off her tongue! She still loved trying to catch the "snow" after that, but this time with her hands! :)

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Janelle said...

How fun. So we are thinking of going to Disneyland, but what do you think, is it really that fun for a 2 1/2 year old? I mean I know she would love the princesses, but is there really much else they can do? Did Callie like it the last time she went? Ok I swear that I checked your blog out a few weeks ago and none of these posts were there. I must be crazy, or maybe it is just my computer, yeah that's probably it ;)