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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fockly Princess & the Little Gremlin

The other night as I was driving home from Vegas Callie says to me, "Mom, I can't see! The dark's in the way!" Where did she come up with that one?

I took the kids to Payless the other day to look for sandals for Jack, and Callie had an absolute ball! She went from one pair of shoes to the next trying them all on & saying things like, "Oooooh! So pretty mom!" and "Look mom! Princess shoes!" And my favorite of her descriptive words is "fockly." The first time she said it I thought she was swearing & honestly I don't know where she would have even heard the word I thought she'd said! Maybe some naughty uncle! JK Stu! Anyway, what she means is sparkly! Fockly shoes! Just like when she says "neck-ih." Everyone thinks she's talking about being naked or something, but no, she's talking about her music! She just kind of gets something in her head & old habits die hard I guess.

Jack was especially entertaining Sunday. First of all, he's really into making these gremlin noises. Just out of the blue he'll do the gremlin. Jeremiah said one day "What is he?!" Cause he never thought I'd give birth to a gremlin! So on Sunday we're in Sacrament Meeting and he sticks a travel pack of tissue in his mouth & shakes his head back & forth for a long time making his gremlin sounds. People are looking at him & just laughing or smiling which is totally egging him on. Thanks a lot! So to distract him I have him get a book out of the diaper bag & he chooses a scratch & sniff Halloween book. Seems innocent enough, right? Wrong! Because a little while ago I'd looked through it with him & taught him that the little witch goes "he, he, he" in a high pitched voice & that dracula says "ah, ah, ah." Well he especially enjoyed the dracula laugh so as soon as he sees the book he starts going "ah, ah, ah" and he didn't quit for the next several minutes! If people weren't laughing before they certainly were then. That's okay, we had a dry counsel speaker. Hey, if the shoe fits, wear it!

Jack's started a very boyish hobby! Jeremiah's had concerns before - especially with such a girlie example in his face all the time. But Jack is LOVING rocks! He is constantly collecting rocks & playing in the dirt. Woohoo! Sure girls can do that too, but it's traditionally a boy thing & that's good enough for us! :)

Callie, on the other hand, has been displaying a little bit of a boyish side. She keeps standing with her legs shoulder-width apart, leaning over & spitting! She'll save up a little wad of saliva & "tuh"! It's driving me nuts because she's doing it all over the house! I keep telling her to knock it off but she's already not listening to her mother! And sometimes she tells me to knock it off now when I'm doing something! She also will question me about things & say "Is that right mom?" or "Is it true?" I love my fockly princess & my little gremlin!

3 talk to me:

shannon said...

i love it! especially the "fockly" story. her and collin will for sure be getting into trouble together soon. and the knock it off episode is hilarious!

shannon said...

btw...collin does the gremlin voice too! if he asks for something and doesn't get it, the devil voice starts...and it's so obnixous!

Chelsea and Ryan said...

Okay, I emailed you about Callie's Fockly. I saw this little girl on a video on youtube saying sparkling wiggles. she says sparkly like Callie does....go figure!

I started laughing at your story about Jack in church. he's such a ham.